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Preseli International Folk and Jazz Festival

Preseli is near Newcastle Emlyn, west Wales. It is famous because this is where the Blue Stones in Stone Henge originate. Some people believe the stones were whisked away to Wiltshire in England by druidical magic. This was an equally magical event where the Folk and Jazz Festival organisers provided a wealth of excellent artistic talent from all over Europe, to perform throughout the very wet weekend. The rain was torrential but the spirit of freedom and celebration of these people was unquenchable.

Kiln firings were not possible as the clay refused to dry owing to the high humidity. However in a perverse, "alternative" sort of way, folks still had a great time, getting dirty with clay in the marquee while 10 minutes earlier they had been cursing the swathes of mud which got into everything else. Here are some photos of unfired wares, a boat [1] - a foot [2] - bowls [3] - a tile [4] - two tiles [5] - jugs [6] - shapes [7] - and creatures [8]

The beer and cider were excellent too, but I for some reason I can't remember the name of the pub ....

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