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Dan Nasirpour

Dan Nasirpour

Barmy Army Demo January 2013

Recorded at East Stour Village Hall December 2012

Here are 4 tracks that have been selected from those recorded by Sprogg at the December 2012 session which took place in East Stour village hall. These have now been through post production at the Camel Hill studio and comprise the first Final Mix Down.

Three tracks, excluding Penis Head are probably the best for demo purposes but all four tracks are being distributed on the 2013 Demo CD, which can be bought for 5, only a fiver - through Oxford PC Solutions CIC web site. The tracks are posted here for your mutual appreciation and sheer delight knowing full well that an alternative Mix Down is being evaluated and the tracks posted here could change for the new mixes in a few days time. So get 'em while they're hot.







track.01 Pissed and Stoned MP3 2,954 kb WAV 37,208 kb
track.02 Planet Vecon MP3 4,347 kb WAV 54,748 kb
track.03 We Are The Barmy Army MP3 2,754 kb WAV 34,688 kb
track.04 Simple Song - Penis Head MP3 7,502 kb WAV 94,503 kb

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you encounter any problems with performance during audio streaming, please download the files to your hard drive first and then play them with your choice of music player.

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