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free download audio samples.

Here is a mixture of music and audio constructed with the aid of an inexpensive Casio keyboard which has capability to hold 4 samples of 0.72 seconds each. Recorded in stereo - analogue to cassette tape and digitised later, these pieces have been cleaned up and prepared for the web on a PC. Alfazed some times at the helm and some times accompanied by Ali Saxnewsense on vocals. The track "Beautiful Weed" and some others here, originate from a tape recording of my statement taken in a police station.







track.01 Why Do Fools MP3 346 kb AAC 970 kb
track.02 Lion of Zion MP3 2,281 kb AAC 4,619 kb
track.03 The Beautiful Weed MP3 2,758 kb AAC 7,434 kb
track.04 Bongo Machine Nation MP3 3,128 kb AAC 8,431 kb
track.05 Samba Bomb MP3 1,830 kb AAC 4,933 kb
track.06 Medicine Wind MP3 1,032 kb AAC 2,799 kb
track.07 Every Body Like MP3 5,028 kb AAC 6,801 kb

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