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Dan Nasirpour

Dan Nasirpour

Projects History 1984 to 2022

Wild Acres Stroud 2022

visitors to the clay workshop

Clay Workshops, Kiln Building and Raku Firing.

Re Wilding Oxford 2022

Re-wilding visitors at the clay workshop

Clay Workshops in Spiritual Healing.

Kiln Geezer

side elevation and plan drawing for a down draught kiln

Developing an Intermediate Technology pottery kiln.

Beautiful Days

Red hot flue of the gas kiln at Beautiful Days festival

Photo Gallery. Our behind the scenes view of the Festival, working in conjunction with Skip & Majical Youth, providing clay workshops in the Children's Area.



James building the Roman style kiln at the Buddhafield festival

Photo Gallery. Our behind the scenes view of the Festival, working in conjunction with Skip & Majical Youth, providing clay workshops in the Children's Area.


Daniel Smith-Nasirpour

Portrait photo of Dan Nasirpour

Art Gallery. Featuring Dan's early drawings



Plan view drawing for the community ceramics studio

East Oxford Community Centre. Design and build a permanent pottery studio to support small local groups and 2 artists in residence.


Oxford City Council

Ceramics and painted mural in the bus shelter at Rose Hill in Oxford

Recreation & Amenities Dept. Ceramics workshops and presentations to community groups. Public demonstrations of kiln firing.


Glastonbury Festivals

Charlotte, Jane & Splash playing with clay in the Children's Field

Ceramics workshops in the Children's World field, various kiln field trials and firing demonstrations in the Green Crafts space, clay workshops with the general public and informal discussions.


Big Green Gathering

a simple updraught kiln at The Big Green Gathering

Ceramics workshops for children and a field trial of a simple updraught wood fuelled kiln.


Folk & Jazz Festival

Ceramic sculpture inspired by the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease

Ceramics workshops for children and older folkies.


CND Peace Festival

ceramic peace mural made at the CND Festival held in Sefton Park Liverpool

Ceramics workshops produced a tile mural which was given a home in the Children’s Hospital.


Aberdare Adult Day Training Centre

ceramic plate made at the Adult Training Centre Aberdare

Consultants for permanent ceramics workshop facilities. Staff training and tuition period.


Blue Moon Festival

an assortment of raku fired ceramics

Ceramics workshops for children and selling pottery at Newcastle Emlyn.


Ely Community Festivals

children throw sawdust onto the red hot pots as part of the raku process

Raku workshops and kiln firings conducted in schools during the annual Ely Festivals, Cardiff.

1984, 85, 86

City Farm

users of the pottery studio at City Farm Cardiff

Consultants for a permanent ceramics studio where artists in residence run pottery workshops at Cardiff's City Farm project.

1985 - 86

Tremorfa Adventure Playground

Children with their ceramic mural made at Tremorfa After Chool Club

Mosaic workshops and tile mural construction at the Tremorfa After School Club in Cardiff.

1984 - 85

Splott Adventure Playground

poster advertising an community event at the Splott Adventure Playground

Clay workshops, demonstration kiln construction and firing at the Adventure Playground in Splott Cardiff. This accoustic musical performance was akin to a tribal gathering with a torch lit procession and fire sculptures.

1984 - 85

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