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VEAKS Beckley Lockdown 2020

Beckley Response

VEAKING began some years back and examples of those sessions can be heard by using the links on the Music page.

Here for the record are some quick mixes of the stuff folks came up with one sunny Sunday afternoon, during the UK Govermins 2020 "Lockdown". In response to the Coronovirus and COVID 19 crisis we decided we were pretty safe and if not .... what is life worth living for ? Again, minimal mixing was done, other than balancing the volume level across some of the output channels. For news about future VEAK sessions watch this space.......

Present on the day were, Bongo Dave, Dan Nasirpour Smith, Alison Palmer-Smith, Nick Palmer, Guy Brewster host for the day, Megan, Tay Brown, Freyda Smith, Iman, Rob.





track.01 Beckley VEAK 1 PLAY MP3 19.6 MB
track.2.1 Beckley VEAK 2 part 1 PLAY MP3 10.2 MB
track.2.2 Beckley VEAK 2 part 2 PLAY MP3 11.6 MB
track.03 Beckley VEAK 3 PLAY MP3 17.1 MB
track.04 Beckley VEAK 4 PLAY MP3 10.1 MB
track.06 Beckley VEAK 6 PLAY MP3 23.1 MB
track.07 Beckley VEAK 7 PLAY MP3 10.9 MB
track.08 Beckley VEAK 8 PLAY MP3 6.14 MB

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