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Dan Nasirpour

Dan Nasirpour

Classic Kicks

G Elf Chives 'n Ali

These tracks were recorded during a jam session using basic analogue recording equipment. The tape has been digitised and cleaned up of tape hiss etc, using Cool Edit Pro, and converted into 48kbps 22050 Hz MP3 and AAC format for iPod users.

TRACKS: Available in mp3 and AAC format







track.01 Untitled PLAY 790 kb PLAY 2,154 kb
track.02 Jammin' Somethin' PLAY 1,505 kb PLAY 4,061 kb
track.03 Daddy PLAY 721 kb PLAY 1,970 kb
track.04 Fly Me To The Moon PLAY 1,307 kb PLAY 3,533 kb
track.05 Boxes PLAY 883 kb PLAY 2,401 kb
track.06 I've Got To Go In A Minute PLAY 538 kb PLAY 1,483 kb
track.07 Fool's Theme PLAY 1,627 kb PLAY 4,388 kb
track.08 Mickey Mouse Is Learning To Speak French PLAY 1,859 kb PLAY 5,012 kb
track.09 A Lost Melody PLAY 444 kb PLAY 1,231 kb
track.10 Ari What Man ? PLAY 687 kb PLAY 1,879 kb
track.11 Bit Part Actor PLAY 2,080 kb PLAY 5,609 kb
Musicians are

G Force:
John M:
Ali Sax Neusense:

Digitisation, re-mastering by Alfazed at Marsh Lane and Park Way. Converted to 48kbs MP3 and AAC file format for www. distribution 01.01.2007.

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