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Here is a collection of tracks by Chives, John M, G Force Ali Sax Neusense, Art and Alfazed. The Pentagon Group assumed the name because of what we were doing while others were bombing Iraq, we were trying to have a laugh. Recorded in stereo - on analogue cassette tape and Mastered by Chives. They were digitised later on a PC, and have been cleaned up and prepared for the web by Alfazed. Hoping no-one has any complaints about me doing this, but if you do, please get in touch to let me know.







track.01 Aaargha ! MP3 4,783 kb AAC 6,468 kb
track.02 Bongo Madness [a] MP3 3,632 kb AAC 4,912 kb
track.03 Bongo Madness [b] MP3 3,605 kb AAC 4,876 kb
track.04 Hinderance MP3 4,812 kb AAC 6,506 kb
track.05 I Ate Rok N Roll - Waz MP3 5,739 kb AAC 7,513 kb
track.06 Just to Prove it MP3 3,828 kb AAC 5,172 kb
track.07 Mix MP3 4,896 kb AAC 6,622 kb
track.08 The Thing MP3 4,021 kb AAC 5,438 kb
track.09 Writing On the Wall MP3 2,542 kb AAC 3,447 kb

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