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audio samples - free download

Here is a mix of stuff. Track 01 was originally crafted in 2000 with the aid of ye olde Casio sampler adding Grunge effect and has been reworked recently in May 2007. Acausal audio engineering was further enhanced with hiss in the first tier of recording - onto a stereo tape recorder. Re-mastering took place on a Windose PC with the aid of Wavelab and Cool Edit. This piece is included here because it was an early success in structuring and also capturing an essence of the shamanic in music.

Tracks 02, 03 and 04 were created with Chives in 2007. Track 02 is available to purchase on CD from Chives, along with more numbers composed by Chives, see Remand Music for more. This was a great oportunity for me to break out in song, after the long enforced break, bringing up the skquids.

There's a flavour of rebellion in the air. Tracks 05 to 09 represent more shamanic journeying. Better played as loops, without a break, for as long as you can stand. Track 10 is of the same period but less serious than the shamanic stuff. Get them while you can !







track.01 Romany Waves PLAY 85,327 kb  
track.02 Positively Charged PLAY 38,870 kb    
track.03 Get it Right PLAY 36,052 kb    
track.04 Tell It Like It Is PLAY 72,039 kb    
track.05 Bassey Loop PLAY 2,141 kb    
track.06 Cute Loops 45 PLAY 2,994 kb    
track.07 ABC Mix PLAY 1,627 kb    
track.08 Mozell Morocco PLAY 12,691 kb    
track.09 Mozmordrumun Mix PLAY 1,631 kb    
track.10 Wonderful Day Mix 2 PLAY 534 kb    

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you encounter any problems with performance during audio streaming, please download the files to your hard drive first and then play them with your choice of music player.

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